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Salon 34 Too Beauty Academy opened for business June 18, 2019.

We offer courses in Cosmetology, Nails, Esthetics, Instructor Training,

Natural Hair Styling and the 375 Refresher Course.

The Beauty Academy is a special place, our goal here is to support the students through every aspect of their future career. Not only do we focus on the Beauty Industry, we also teach and encourage empowerment, business and professional success. Our Academy is designed to prepare you with a solid foundation for a professional career.  



Meet Courtney Ross, Owner of Salon 34 Too Beauty Academy

With 18 years of expertise as a licensed master stylist and 10 years as a licensed instructor, Courtney Ross brings a wealth of experience to the beauty industry. What started as a 16-year career as a hairstylist evolved into a profound desire to contribute to her community and nurture aspiring beauty professionals.

"Having spent over a decade in the industry, my passion shifted towards education. I wanted to share the knowledge and skills acquired over the years, giving back to my community and shaping the future of the beauty industry."

As the owner of Salon 34 Too Beauty Academy, Courtney's mission is clear: to ensure that every student not only acquires the essential skills to thrive but also gains the ability to reach their long-term aspirations.

 Empowering Futures, One Student at a Time.

For inquiries and enrollment, contact Courtney at Let the journey to a beautiful future begin!  

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